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Cladding Doors



60 Hudson, NY, NY

Paint Removal from Bronze

Appearance Is Important


Whether you have a new door installation requirement or historic restoration project, Signature delivers the fine craftsmanship you expect.  Doors are frequently in need of restoration because of their long term exposure to the elements and because of the additional wear they sustain as movable building parts. We specialize in restoring doors to their original condition. We can source authentic reproduction or salvaged hardware to equip these building elements appropriately. Where necessary, we can replace door reproductions produced in our own shop. Signature uses antique molding and hand planes to bring an authentic, hand-crafted finish to our work, both newly milled or carefully restored.


Refinishing to Restoration - We've got you covered


Clients have come to trust us with the architectural details that express a building's character.


- Refinishing and Restoration

- Graffiti and Vandalism

- Historic Restoration

- Inspections and Repair

- Weather Stripping Replacement

- Rixons Adjustments and Speed Control

- Cladding Installation on Canopies, Revolving Doors or Storefronts

- Specialty Metal Fabrications and Installations

- Cast iron Reproductions and Custom Installations


Noticeable Success


Our staff is highly trained in the latest techniques and most up to date safety requirements.  In addition to some of our most recent showcased work as pictured, we have also just completed several of the most challenging projects:


- City Center - Sciame

- Plaza Hotel - Elad Properties

- 160 5th Avenue - RFR Realty

- Avenue V Pump Custom Installations - Picone Construction




Craven Management

100 Broadway, NY, NY

Bronze Satin Finish


60 Hudson, NY, NY

Bronze Storefront Restoration

Wolfosn Group

One State Street

Brass Mirror Finish

Liberty Construction

New Storefront


Wolfson Group

25 Broadway, NY, NY

Bronze Satin Finish