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We think Signature is pretty special. But you don't have to take our word for it. Our customers agree that, when it comes to a top-notch service, Signature is their first choice.


"When we first decided to use Signature both my wife and I were skeptical on any company's ability to restore our marble counters. It was stained with dirt, grease and baby food among other things children find to spill. To our surprise, Signature delivered their promise and the marble looks fresh, vibrant and in better than new condition. We kid around with our friends that Signature are the Miracle Restoration Doctors, because what they accomplished was nothing short of a miracle. They delivered unparalleled customer service and delivery that is non-existent in our marketplace today.".

– Richard L. - VP from Manhattan, NY


"I am astonished at the quality of seamless service, from commencement to completion - to the restored look of my bronze statuary. I believe that it is now in better condition then the day I purchased it. Thank you so much for breathing life into our home!"

– Phyllis D - from Greenwich, CT


"REFRESHED and VIBRANT are the first two words that came to mind when the workers finished our office lobby. The lobby Signature restored and now maintains consists of vintage copper and marble. Over the years we have experience wear and tear and done spot treatments but would never have it professionally restored because we never trusted anyone...UNTIL NOW! The knowledgeable/professional staff at Signature, the on time white glove service, and the overall dedication excellence made us very confident. Our lobby is brighter then before and looks brand new.. We are truly delighted!"

– Vinny G - Law Offices in Manhattan, NY

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